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released June 1, 2011



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HELLHOUND Dover, New Hampshire

We started August of 2009 and later released our Self Titled 7" in March 2010 on Subterranean Records. We released our Black Cassette in April of 2011 on Get Stoked! Records. We are currently writing our full length and should be done by end of winter.

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Track Name: Scavenge
Scavenge the weak. Swallow the bones, devour the meat.
Hunt and feast. Hunt and feast as bloodthirsty beasts.
Nothing can stop you. No one can stop you, eat to survive.
Nothing will stop you. No one will stop you, eat to survive.

Vultures, you fucking vultures.

Spread fear and disease. Living a life of disgust and deceit.
Disguise and mislead. Lie through your teeth fake the words that you speak.
Nothing can change you. Noone can change you from living a lie.
Nothing will change you. Noone will change you from living a lie.

You fucking fakes.
Track Name: Wreckage
Dark skies shed light, on the saddest of nights.
Frail hearts speak secrets. Sore hands pick the fights.
Of fear and wisdom. Of wrists and necks.
A stained childhood, and a hopeless wreck.

This love won't work.

Watch it all rot, in a seconds time.
Two stranger's problems, can change your life.
No faith or virtue. No trust will come.
It wilts and dries, in the shadow of the sun.

This love won't work.
Track Name: Doubts
So exhausted, and repulsive.
Do I need it?

Spitting words through a bloody mouth, i'm starting to have my doubts.

So exhausted, and repulsive.
Do I need it? Do I want it?
Track Name: Harm
I'm letting myself go to waste. I find myself in harm's way.
Without an exit or an escape, I have no hope, I lack any faith.
Three years ago I lost my soul. I fell into a bottomless hole.
I found my way out and made it home, but i'm slowly starting to lose control.

Love is fading.
Time is wasting.
Foundation's shaken.
Harm is waiting.

I'm letting myself got waste. I find myself in harm's way.
Without an exit or an escape. Take me away from this place.

Take me away.
Track Name: Down My Throat (Disrupt)
Music and lyrics originally written by Disrupt.